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Reading and Literacy

At The Featherstone Academy, we are committed to developing our students into inquisitive and thoughtful readers.  As such, we make literacy a core priority in KS3.  We have high-aspirations for all of our students and aim to help them to develop a love of reading during their time with us.

In addition to our core English curriculum, we offer the following opportunities to support and sustain your child’s reading progress.

Accelerated Reader

As part of the English curriculum, students receive one lesson a week focused purely on reading for pleasure. We use the Accelerated Reader programme to support our students’ reading progress. Each term, students take a reading test that gives them a reading range, allowing them to select books of the appropriate difficulty for their current ability. After each book, students take a comprehension quiz which tests their understanding of the text they have read. Staff use these quizzes to support students to make the most progress possible.

Using the link below, students can access Accelerated Reader and take quizzes at home.

Students have the opportunity to win prizes and rewards for their achievements in Accelerated Reader.

Literacy Intervention

As part of our Accelerated Reader programme, we identify students who need extra literacy and reading support. Students receive weekly support sessions, during their library lesson, which runs for a half-term. We identify these students using their termly reading test. Students are supported to develop independent reading skills including, comprehension, decoding and inference. Use the button below to access the Accelerated Reader website.

We also run a phonics based intervention called Rapid Plus for students who require extra support.

Rise and Read

Rise and Read is an exciting opportunity for our students to continue to develop their love of reading for pleasure and to accelerate their reading progress. Students read a wide range of different literature texts, from Greek Myths to full novels, exploring ideas, developing vocabulary and further embedding their reading skills.

Reading is proven to be the most impactful skill to enhance student progress so Rise and Read is an invaluable programme to help our students learn more effectively. Students are grouped in small classes to allow them opportunity to read aloud and build confidence.

Additional support is also offered to some students, co-ordinated with our SEND department, to help out students access the curriculum.

This a compulsory element so every student in Year 7 will be expected to attend Rise and Read sessions every week. Sessions run on Wednesdays from 7.35 am - 8.10 am. Detentions are set for unauthorised absences.

KS3 and KS4 Book Clubs

Students will meet monthly to read a book chosen by the students. They will discuss their opinions of this book with each other, led and facilitated by a member of the English Department. All students are welcome to attend.  

KS3 and 4 meet separately to ensure that the books are appropriate in terms of both difficulty and content matter for our different age groups.

World Book Day

We celebrate World Book Day every year. This year, we celebrated on Thursday 3 March. This year, we shared our love of reading through a range of activities. Every lesson, staff shared the book they are currently reading, prompting discussions about reading across the curriculum; students took part in a “guess the teacher by their favourite book” quiz in form-time, and prizes were given out all day to our Star Readers of the year in KS3.