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Our Journey

At The Featherstone Academy we teach the core personal values of respect, aspiration, and pride. 

The Featherstone Academy is an inclusive Academy comprising of 444 students. We also have a Wakefield Education Authority specialist provision on site for a number of autistic children who join some of our curriculum with peers of their own age. 

The Featherstone Academy is working as part of The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust to build upon February 2017 OFSTED grading of Outstanding for personal development, behaviour and welfare, and Good overall to ensuring it continues to increase the life chances of the students of this local community. 

With a strong focus on resilience, growth mindset and positive discipline, the Rodillian Ethos has helped to transform The Featherstone Academy, as well as the lives of students and teachers. These values have created a learning environment in which all students can succeed. This environment is supported by an imaginative and differentiated curriculum in all year groups. The staff of The Featherstone Academy are committed to ensuring the students who attend the academy are successful and able to achieve their goals, through hard work, recognition of their individual success and a relentless drive to ensure student achievement. 

The curriculum instils resilience in our students the moment they enter the academy and is continuous through their time with us. Encompassed within this innovative curriculum is our belief in a growth mindset. The belief that intelligence is far from fixed or inherited but an area we can all improve if we work hard and learn from our mistakes. We encourage our students to experiment and take risks in their learning to establish an environment where intelligent failure is just the start on the road to success. 

The Featherstone Academy is a lively, community academy which thrives on the positive relationships with parents and carers that support us and their child’s learning. We have unashamedly high expectations of our staff and students and look to promote a school friendly home to nurture and challenge our students. 

We are a small school with an inclusive culture and warm ethos which is recognised by all who visit. Yet we have big ambitions to be a beacon of learning, aspirations and success for our local community.