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Modern Foreign Languages


Here at The Featherstone Academy we believe that learning a language is an exciting and empowering experience! It enhances confidence when communicating with people from different cultures, widens career and job prospects and shows open mindedness and tolerance in an ever-increasing multicultural society.

Our schemes of work are built around a range of relevant contexts, delivered through a variety of activities and based on the fundamental skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  Grammar, vocabulary and phonics are firmly embedded in our KS3 curriculum and Target language is an essential part of our teaching and learning to promote maximum communication in the classroom.

The main aims of the MFL department are:

  • To motivate and engage our students by teaching them essential grammar and language skills.
  • To provide opportunities to develop new ways of thinking and writing in another language and to raise intellectual curiosity.
  • To foster a love of language and diversity through authentic film, music and art.
  • To develop successful and confident communicators.
  • To encourage a global mind-set, step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and raise aspirations.

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