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The media plays a central role in society, culture and politics, and at The Featherstone Academy we want to empower our students to be able to navigate the influence it has over their lives. We study a variety of texts, some produced within the last year and others that date back to the early 1900s. This allows students to explore social, political and technological changes, enhancing their ability to empathise with various viewpoints and perspectives. Our Media Studies curriculum allows students to explore the ways media shapes and influences our perception of the world. We expose them to challenging issues and guide them to be critical consumers of the media who are able to form their own interpretations of texts. The Media Studies curriculum also aims to teach students about media industries and how media institutions are largely profit driven. This impacts how media language is used to construct representations that maximise audiences and consequently increase profits. Our Contextual Curriculum in Key Stage 3 also gives our students the opportunity to study the media within the contexts of their own lives, exploring the representation of key historical and contemporary cultural events, developing the cultural capital of students. Our students are also provided with the opportunity to develop their practical skills and to produce their own media texts. The study of Media at The Featherstone Academy will develop students’ skills in communication, analysis, evaluation and creativity, all of which are necessary in the modern working world. Ultimately, we want to develop empathetic and engaged citizens.

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