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The geography curriculum at The Featherstone Academy will provide students with a balanced understanding of the human and physical world, as well as its interconnectedness and ever-changing nature. Students will gain the powerful knowledge and skills to develop into knowledgeable, sustainable global citizens, aware of their own local communities in a global setting and be able to recognise and respond to current threats to our planet.

Students will have opportunities to engage with text and enhance geographical skills through fieldwork, so they are able to personally experience the geography taught in lessons. Through the embedding of key words, students will be able to speak confidently about geographical content with the correct vocabulary. Our Year 8 curriculum follows ‘Contextual Curriculum’ whereby the focus is to explore on what is happening in the world today. Within these topics, the focus is on current and relevant events around the world, the causes and impacts of these, where it happens and the interconnectivity between the human and physical geography.

Through this curriculum, students are encouraged to enquire about the world beyond the classroom and helps them to be prepared in understanding, as well as flourishing in the world around them once they leave school.

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