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At The Featherstone Academy, we strive to develop well-rounded, thoughtful and empathetic young people who can understand the views of others and express their own clearly and convincingly.

As such, reading and writing fluency are at the heart of everything we do. Our two key driving aims are to ensure that our students can explore the world around them and express themselves clearly and fluently, within both written and spoken word. This means we study a wide-range of high-quality, challenging literary texts which offer students opportunities to acquire knowledge, develop analytical skills and think outside of their own experiences. We explicitly teach vocabulary to broaden our students’ knowledge of language and to build confidence within their written and spoken expression. We also teach bespoke lessons on spelling, punctuation and grammar in order to ensure that our students can write fluently, clearly and confidently. Within KS3, we strive to develop a love of reading so deliver one specific reading lesson a week, following the Accelerated Reader programme. In addition to this, we offer Rise and Read to Year 7 – a unique opportunity for students to read widely and for pleasure, in small guided groups.

We aim to develop students who possess the skills to critically reflect on the world around them. Through the study of the written and spoken word, we aim to help all of our students to develop a thoughtful understanding from differing perspectives, varied cultural experiences and a wide range of ideas. We study a broad range of English Literature and we explore the art of story-telling within this study. Students are challenged academically to forge arguments, think critically and support their ideas with evidence, all within the study of Britain’s rich and varied literary history.


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