Yr6 Transition

Primary Students – Key Dates

Year 6 Transition Day (Students only) – Thursday 4 July 2019, exact timings to be confirmed shortly

Year 6 Transition Evening (Students and Parents/Carers) – Thursday 4 July 2019, exact timings to be confirmed shortly



At The Featherstone Academy we want your child to be happy and successful. If we are to fulfill this aim it is important that we all work together as we all know that communication is the key to success.


The School

On our part we will do everything in our power to ensure that the student is safe from bullying, harassment or any other danger, that they are encouraged to be healthy and active and that they are allowed and encouraged to make a positive contribution in our learning community.

Furthermore, it will be our absolute priority to ensure that they enjoy school and make themaximum academic progress possible ensuring that they have the skills and knowledge needed for further employment.

We will always maintain an effective communication partnership with parents and carers, notifying them quickly when concerns arise as well as always looking to praise students where appropriate.  It will be our intention to ensure that every young person who works well at The Featherstone Academy will be made to feel valued, appreciated and recognised.


The Student

As a student at The Featherstone Academy, I will do my best at all times. I recognise that in order to do this I need to behave well and to show respect to all adults and all other students who make up our learning community.

I recognise that bullying is entirely unacceptable and that I will act to stop bullying whenever it is in evidence.

I will do everything I can to promote the good name of our school including wearing my uniform well and helping to keep our environment as tidy as possible.

In lessons I will bring my equipment, complete homework to the best of my ability and do everything I can to learn and progress as well as possible.


The Parent/Carer

I recognise the enormous importance of my role as a parent/carer in supporting my child at The Featherstone Academy.

I will check and sign the planner each weekend and will do all that I can to encourage my son/daughter to work hard in school, be positive about learning and be ambitious for the future.

Where issues occur in school which are a concern to me I will notify key professionals immediately and do everything that I can to work in partnership with the school to resolve such difficulties. I will play my part in supporting the school in implementing all policies approved by the Governing Body.

I will do everything I can to ensure that my child attends school everyday, that they are in correct uniform and that they are properly equipped for learning.

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All applications must be done via the Wakefield city council website.

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