Year 7 Catch Up Premium

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Literacy – Rise and Read Small group intervention reading ages. Students attend morning sessions for 30 minutes twice a week. The sessions are designed to improve reading ages Our Literacy intervention throughout Year 7 had a clear impact on the reading ages of Featherstone students.

Of last year’s Y7 cohort (current Y8) from the beginning of Y7 to the beginning of Y8, 61% made faster than expected increases in their reading ages. We also saw an average increase in reading age of 17.25 months across that 12-month timeframe.

The average difference between students chronological age and reading age at the start of Y7 was 17.5 months (only 14.5% of students on or above expected reading age), to 12.2 months average gap at the beginning of Y8 (30% of students on or above expected reading age). This means that over the course of the year on average we diminished the difference between chronological age and reading age by an average of 5.25 months.

Numeracy – Teacher toolkit The maths toolkit is used to target the 10 basic mathematical skills.

Students are taught these skills within lessons and parents are informed how to support their child at home. Students are re- assessed half termly.

The current year 7 average score has more than doubled since the baseline in September from 2.7/10 to 6/10.

Students in Year 8 started to use the toolkit in year 7, In September 2015 their average was 3/10, In December 2016 it has now increased to an average score of 9/10.

Feedback from parents has been wholly positive. 98% of year 7 parents spoken to at parents evening have been supportive of the toolkit and use it to support their child at home.

Year 7 resilience camp Students spend three days away camping in Brighouse at the end of September to encourage and build resilience in our young learners. Resilience grades were captured in the first data collection, over 60% of year 7 students were awarded silver or gold.

This has had a positive impact upon attitudes to leanring- the average grade for a year 7 student was 2.1

Summer school A 2 week summer school programme targeted students who had below national average KS2 data. The main focus for the sessions was literacy, numeracy and resilience. Please see below for student evaluations of the summer school programme.

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