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Students follow a variety of technology options throughout Year 7 and then have the option to continue this into Year 8 and 9. The options currently available are Food Technology, Textiles and Product Design. Currently at GCSE we offer Food Technology but are looking at expanding this in the future.

Textiles is a practical course that allows students the opportunity to explore their creative side.  The main purpose of textiles is to develop the ability to appreciate the visual world and to respond in a personal and creative way.  The emphasis of this course is to ‘learn by doing’.  Students are taught the practical skills required during Year 7, 8 and 9 which then allows these skills to be applied to the production of a prototype product.

In Year 7 they will complete a drawstring bag which includes block printing, tie dye and hand embroidery.

In Year 8 they will progress onto using the sewing machine and make a multicultural pillow which includes four different techniques including batik. They will also practise adding zips onto a pencil case.

In Year 9 they will advance further by using the skills they have acquired in Year 7 and 8 and begin to design their own home furnishings or clothing products.


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Various charity events through the year, including, the Big Knit where staff and students knit items to sell for charity.


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