Staff Ongoing Training

“We are all learning together”

At Featherstone Academy our staff CPD is embedded in our school practice; we examine the interventions we make, staff receive personalised coaching and development to ensure pupil progress is at the heart of all our staff training and development.

Teachers and staff undergo training throughout the year to ensure they are up to date with all current research, share good practice with each other and ensure that our pupils make outstanding progress in all areas of their school life.

Staff take part in different types of training through Twilight sessions, ‘in house’ CPD sessions – delivered by our outstanding practitioners and work together on ‘action research’ projects.

At Featherstone Academy our staff training responds to the needs of our pupils and thus we frequently reflect on, and modify, our staff training needs in order to evaluate the impact of our staff training on student outcomes.

This term staff are receiving training in:


Mental toughness

Engagement tools

Verbal and non-verbal questioning


Other areas that will be looked at throughout the year include:

Research undertaken by Schlecty in ‘Authentic engagement’

Micro analysis of lessons

Developing long term memory in preparation for linear exams


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