Rise and Read

At The Featherstone Academy, we are committed to the rapid and sustained progress of every child we educate.  In order to support this progression, all of the students in Year 7 will be expected to attend Rise and Read sessions every week.  Rise and Read is an opportunity for your children to continue the love of reading they developed in primary school whilst being supported by teachers from across various subject areas.


The aim behind the scheme is to allow student’s access to engaging storytelling and explorative literature, which they may not experience, elsewhere in the school curriculum.  During this, students will become engaged in reading through teacher and pupil discussion and also by experiencing the stories in a live interactive way, thus promoting a love of reading and improving their literacy levels. An essential building block in securing their future educational outcomes.


These invaluable sessions, which have been proven to raise students’ reading ages, take place on Wednesday mornings this academic year.  Every Year 7 student will be involved in small group, targeted reading sessions.  These sessions begin at 7:35am and end at 8:10am.


Please be aware that this programme is a compulsory element of the Year 7 Curriculum and a detention will be set for any absences.



Accelerated Reader

The accelerated reader program is used by all KS3 pupils during tutor time.  Students take a test on entry and are given a reading range (also known as the ZPD- zone of proximal development) and a reading age.  Students can select a book within their reading range and take a test once they have finished that book.  Every student has their own unique log in code and password, and their progress is recorded on the system.  Every student has a file which holds the TOPS reports from every quiz they have taken.  Students progress is reviewed termly and used to identify those requiring additional intervention.

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