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Photography (AQA)

This is a course at GCSE which has no pre-option but is linked to the same assessment objectives as the Fine Art course.  This means that any student who has completed the Art and Design pre-option in year 9 will have the necessary grounding to be able to complete this course at GCSE level. Art and Design Page

Year 10/11 AQA GCSE : We teach two different courses at key stage four Fine Art and Photography

Both options will follow the four GCSE Assessment objectives with 60% Coursework and 40% Controlled Test

AO1– Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources.

AO2- Refine work by exploring, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes.

AO3– Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as the work progresses.

AO4– Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language.

Departmental Staff

Miss L Mitchell


Art teachers run after school period 7’s to enable students to add to their coursework or complete homework

Support Your Child – Useful links and advice

A great way to introduce art to your child is to visit galleries and exhibitions. Visit local galleries such as The Hepworth in Wakefield, Leeds City art gallery, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield. If you get an opportunity to visit degree shows, these can provide a rich and stimulating environment to see a wide range of work in a concentrated area. There are many online sites such as the Tate, National Gallery websites, and pinterest which is a very good visual resource.

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