Performing Arts

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Students are encourage to read, perform and evaluate their performance of a range of dramatic pieces.  We provide opportunities for students to study formative practitioners, such as Brecht and Artaud, that cement their core dramatic and performance skills.  Students devise their own pieces using rehearsal techniques such as Role on the Wall and Conscience Alley to learn how to develop character within a dramatic forum.  We study plays such as ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘The Woman in Black’, ‘Two’, ‘Shakers’, ‘Teachers’ and many more, to provide students with a fundamental understanding of dramatic conventions and forms.  Students are given opportunities to study physical theatre, to work with lighting, set and costume design and to immerse themselves in all parts of the creative process.  There will be opportunities for your children to see live theatre to develop their understanding of the real world application of their new skills.



The Featherstone Academy