Our Uniform

Our Uniform 2018-2019


  • Navy Blue jumper with grey trim with academy logo
  • Plain white shirt with a top button.
  • Navy blue and grey striped tie
  • Charcoal grey trousers or appropriate length skirt (skirts should be a minimum of knee length)
  • Students must wear plain black shoes that have no logos or white decorative elements. Shoes must be made of leather, so they can polished.
  • Boots and trainers or pumps are not allowed, even if they are black.
  • Backless, suede or cloth footwear is not allowed because it presents a potential Health and Safety risk.
  • students can wear belts but they must be plain black with no studs or decoration.
  • Linen trousers are not acceptable. Students are expected to wear appropriate school trousers which does not include fitted/fashion trousers i.e. skinny fit or tapered at the ankle.
  • students with trousers that are too long should adjust them appropriately or get footwear that their trouser leg can sit on without dragging on the ground.
  • Face piercings are not allowed in the academy. Students will be asked to remove these and they will be confiscated and placed in an envelope and only returned to students on the following Friday. A detention will be issued.
  • Jewellery is not allowed in the academy. A single watch may be worn only. Any other jewellery, including earrings will be confiscated and will be placed in an envelope and only returned to students on the following Friday. A detention will be issued.
  • Mobile phones will be treated as jewellery and if seen or heard will be confiscated (with SIM card) and returned Friday, a detention will be issued.
  • students are only allowed to have natural hair colouring. Greens, blues, reds etc. are not allowed. Any student with inappropriate hair colour will be removed from circulation. Inappropriate fashion hairstyles are not allowed. students will be removed to isolation and only allowed back in mainstream lessons when the style is appropriate.
  • Bangles, sweatbands and headbands will be treated as jewellery and will also be confiscated. A hair band may be worn but it must be plain and not a fashion statement.
  • Make up is banned in KS3 (yr 7 & 8). KS3 Students found wearing make-up will be asked to remove it and issued with a detention.
  • Make up can be worn in KS4 (Y9,10,11) but must be applied sparingly. (Please refer to Key Stage Directors or Pastoral Managers)
  • Students arriving in coats, scarves and gloves must only wear them outside the building.
  • Students can remove their jumpers in class with staff permission but must have their ties and top buttons worn correctly with shirts tucked in.
  • Jumpers can be taken off outside the building during break and lunchtime periods.
  • Jumpers must be worn at all times in the academy building when not in lessons. Jumper sleeves must be rolled down at all times.
  • Any student refusing to hand over inappropriate items that not meet uniform standards will be placed in isolation for defiance.



Any student breaking the uniform rules in the building will have the item confiscated and returned to them from reception the following Friday. They will also receive a detention.

Any student caught wearing trainers or inappropriate footwear in the academy building during the school day will be removed straight to isolation without question.


Purchase Uniform

Uniform can be purchased from :

Signature Uniform Suppliers, Ropergate, Pontefract, WF8 1LL

Tel: 01977 703657


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