Extra Curricular Activities

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Link: Current Extra Curricular Activities


Art Club

Come have fun and be creative making various arts and crafts throughout the year.


Chess Club

Whether you’re a beginner or a chess champion, hone your skills against students and teachers!


ESports Club

Learn new skills, build a team and form friendships as you look to prove you’re the best player The Featherstone Academy has, whether you compete casually or you want to play for a spot on the school team (Featherstone Force)

Current games:  League of Legends, Magic The Gathering Arena


Football Club

Get fit, make new friends and have fun!


Gym Club

We have a wide range of equipment for students to use – all of which will be under the close supervision of a member of staff.


Netball Club

Learn new skills and get the opportunity to join the school team and play in fixtures against other schools.


Rugby Club

Improve the skills you’ve learnt in school and you may get the opportunity to join the school team and play in our inter-trust tournaments.


Running Club

Running can significantly improve physical and mental health.  As a form of aerobic exercise, running can reduce stress, improve heart health, and even help alleviate symptoms of depression.  Come along and see if we have the next Mo Farah or Paula Ratcliffe within our midsts!



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