This is the second year that pupils have undertaken the Resilience curriculum at the Featherstone Academy. Due to this we are already seeing positive results from the lessons they have received in all areas of study not just within Resilience. The impact of their Resilience lessons in year 7 is promoting progress as they move through their education and complete their GCSEs.

What is Resilience?

•The ability to overcome obstacles when faced with them.
•To stick at things and never give up.
•To carry on even when not enjoying it.
•Bouncing back from defeat.

Why is Resilience important to pupils at Featherstone Academy?

  • We are trying to build independent learners
  • We allow pupils to reflect on their attitude towards learning
  • We use the common language of learning
  • We support and promote a growth mind-set – Everyone develops a ‘Can do’ attitude!

The Resilience Curriculum in Key Stage 3

Year 7 Programme of Study

Term 1a (Sep – Oct)

The Big Question

– building positive



Term 1b (Oct – Dec)

The Brain

– how it learns and growth mindset


Term 2a (Jan – Feb)

 In Their Shoes

– looking at how others show resilience & have overcome barriers


Term 2b (Feb – Apr)

Operation Resilient Community

– problem solving tasks,

– memory & learning for revision


Term 3a (Apr – May)

The Big Reflection?

Who am I now?

– looking at how lpupils have

improved in all areas of

Resilience through the year


Year 8 Programme of Study

Enhanced Resilience


Resilience Camp.

All year 7 pupils take part in a 3 day camp at the end of September to encourage resilience & build confidence. They all learn to pitch & look after their tent during year 6 induction but on camp they take part in lots of different activities that help build communication skills & develop team building. This year, on camp, pupils

completed Crystal Maze type activities, orienteering, made cheese in the woods, built a raft, went canoeing & kayaking and learned survival skills.

It is also a great way to make new friends & is lots of fun




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