EduLink One

Edulink One Parent Guide


What is EduLink One?

EduLink One is an online system that can be accessed through a browser or app that allows parents to log in and view their child/children’s live information.


How can I log in as a parent?

To log into our new parental engagement system, please follow the steps below.

(If you have not received an email containing your username and password, please email us: [email protected] )


Using a web browser:
These steps will work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari only.  Please do not use Edge to access parents evening  – this platform is not supported.
1. Visit!/login?code=tgs
2. Enter the username and password you have been sent by email
3. Click Log in to get started
4. Click the cog icon and ‘Change password’
5. Type the password from your email in the ‘Old Password’ box and new password in the fields below

Using the mobile app:
These steps will work on iOS and Android devices
1. Ensure you have either a pin or biometric identification setup on your device, in order to be able to log into the app
2. Download the iOS app here, Android app here or Amazon app here
3. Enter the School ID (Featherstone)
4. Enter your username that has been emailed to you and your password
5. Click Log in to get started



What information will I see when I log in?

 Select the different icons to view different sections of the app – not all icons shown on the picture apply to our school.  You may need to click on your child first to be able to access options relating to them.  To switch between multiple children, click on their image/name at the top of the page.  For security, after 30 seconds of inactivity, you will be logged out of the app/website.


Click here for full instructions on how to book appointments for Parents Evening


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