Parent Forum

Parent Forum

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The Featherstone Academy parent forum is an opportunity for parents/carers and teachers to work together to make the academy work better. Better for staff and students alike, to ensure high quality teaching and learning takes place in a safe and productive environment that allows all students to make outstanding progress. With the clear aim of increasing the life chances of the students at Featherstone.


On this page you will find the monthly agenda’s and minutes from each meeting.

Also you will find documents that are useful for parents/carers in helping our students make progress.


You will see that both English and Maths Department have created an advice and help sheet for parents to support their child in this this subject.

These are the first of many. We hope you find them useful.


Frequently asked questions:


What does it do?

Meets monthly to discuss key issues in school and look for solutions where ever possible to make the Academy better.

Gives an opportunity for parents/carers to raise concerns on a whole school level.

Looks for opportunities of how all stakeholders can improve school life.    


Who can attend?

Any parent/carer of a student at The Featherstone Academy.


How can It help?

Working together teachers, parents and carers can make a real difference to students lives. It helps to promote a school friendly home.


Do I have to attend every session?

No. Please express an intention to attend when you want to come to a session, there is no expectation you attend every meeting.


How do we find out about the sessions?

A text message will be sent out 2 weeks prior to each meeting, please inform school if you wish to attend.





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