Foreign Language


Learning a language enhances confidence when communicating with people from different cultures, it widens career and job prospects and shows open mindedness and tolerance in an ever increasing multicultural society.

Students will be taught fun and engaging lessons covering four essential skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. In addition, students will have the opportunity to practice their French during the annual trip to France.

All students are encouraged to learn independently through a wide variety of activities including research, role play, presentations and group work.

The schemes of work include:

Year 7:

Accès Studio

Unit 1—Bonjour

Unit 2—Quel âge as-tu?

Unit 3—Joyeux anniversaire

Unit 4—Dans mon sac

Unit 5—Ma salle de classe

Studio 1

Module 1—C’est perso

Module 2—Mon collège

Module 3—Mes passetemps

Module 4—Ma zone

Module 5—3…2…1… Partez!

Module 6—Studio découverte


Year 8:

Studio 2 Rouge

Module 1—T’es branché(e)

Module 2—Paris, je t’adore

Module 3—Mon identité

Module 4—Chez moi, chez toi

Module 5—Quel talent?!

Module 6—Studio découverte


Year 9:

Studio 3 Rouge

Module 1—Ma vie sociale d’ado

Module 2—Bien dans sa peau

Module 3—À l’horizon

Module 4—Spécial vacances

Module 5—Moi dans le monde


Year 10 or Year 11 GCSE:

Students receive a variety of books all of which have been made in order to enhance their learning: revision guides, translations books, reading comprehensions, grammar activities, vocabulary books and writing books.

The examination is devised into four skills:

Listening Paper 1 = 25%

Foundation = 35 minute exam

Higher = 45 minute exam

Speaking Paper 2 = 25%

Foundation and Higher:

  1. Role-play
  2. Photo card
  3. General conversation

Reading Paper 3 = 25%
Foundation = 45 minute exam

Higher = 1 hour exam

Writing Paper 4 = 25%


  1. Photo task.
  2. Short passage.
  3. Translation English -> French
  4. Structured writing. A choice between two questions.


  1. Structured writing. A choice between two questions, respond to a variety of bullet points.
  2. Open ended writing.
  3. Translation English -> French.

Assessments in each year group

At the end of each module studied, students complete vocabulary tests, translation activities, comprehension tasks and writing assessments.

Each year students complete one examination covering all four skills.



Students are encourage to attend after school support sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

P0s (Period Zeros) are regularly held for students in Year 11.



The annual French trip takes place during the Easter or May/June holidays.  Other day or weekend trips will be announced throughout the year.


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