Years 7 and 8


In Year 7 and 8 students are taught mathematics with an emphasis on depth of understanding.  They follow a mastery curriculum.  Mastery in mathematics requires students to delve into some topics previously learned at KS2, but in a wide variety of contexts and with a greater level of understanding expected to be gained.  In Year 7 and 8 students will also learn previously unseen skills such as standard form and product of prime factors.


The mastery curriculum ties in to the resilience curriculum taught at The Featherstone Academy over the course of KS3 – requiring students to build on learning and apply their knowledge in new and previously unseen situations.  Our hope is that this will create adaptive and resilient mathematicians, supporting them in their future mathematical endeavours – no matter how large or small.


Year 9


Year 9 is a crucial year in students’ mathematical journeys because it is the final opportunity to consolidate the key skills required to access the GCSE content in Years 10 and 11.  Special focus is given to number and measure skills, as these are crucial to not only the upcoming GCSE curriculum but also their future everyday lives.


Years 10 and 11


All students begin the GCSE curriculum in Year 10.  Students follow the Edexcel specification in two tiers, Higher and Foundation.  The department consists of some experienced examiners for Pearson Edexcel, and so many GCSE mathematics lessons have an underlying focus on exam technique – which is crucial to making the most possible progress by the end of Year 11.  To enhance their learning in lessons students will be routinely invited to Period 7 lessons in which students can access more one to one time with their teacher.  Period 7 lessons ensure that appropriate intervention can take place to boost progress for each student.


Students are encouraged and supported in their independent revision skills, with expectations of independent revision increasing across the course of Year 11 in particular.



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All students have their own individual accounts on

Usernames and passwords are written into their planners at the beginning of each school year.  Homework is often set on this platform, but independent revision is also encouraged at all stages by using Mathswatch in addition.

We have access to both KS3 and GCSE content via Mathswatch.  Years 7, 8 and 9 use the KS3 content, with Years 10 and 11 using the GCSE content.

Scientific Calculators

All students are required to have a scientific calculator as a part of their school equipment.  We recommend that every student has the following calculator, which is stocked in the school shop:


Casio FX-85GTX

Many calculators are sold as scientific calculators, however they do not have all of the functions required and useful for GCSE mathematics.  Similar Casio calculators to the one recommended all have digital displays which are particularly useful when working with fractions and longer calculations.  Even though most functions aren’t required until GCSE, we still recommend that students have similar calculators in KS3 so that they can learn how to use them properly as soon as possible.

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