In-Year Transfers




If the number of applications does not exceed the number of places available, all applicants will be granted a place at The Featherstone Academy.  However, if there are more applications than available places, the following criteria will be used to allocate places:

Children with a statement of special education needs will be admitted to the Academy if the Academy is the named school.

Priority 1
a) Children in public care of fostered under an arrangement made by the local authority, adopted children, those with a residency order and those with a special guardianship. Also included in the group will be children who have been adopted during the twelve months preceding the submission of the Preference Form.

b) Pupils without a statement who have exceptional medical or mobility needs which realistically can only be met by the Academy. All such applications must be supported by a statement in writing from a doctor or relevant medical professional (each case will be considered individually on its merits).

c) Children who are young carers if LCC are able to agree a criteria as part of the LCC’s consultation.

Priority 2
Children with older brothers or sisters who will be at the Academy at the start of the academic year. We can give priority for brothers and sisters only if they are living in the same house (see Note 1).

Priority 3
Children for whom The Featherstone Academy is the nearest high school (see Notes 2 and 3).

Priority 4
Any other children.



If there is an oversubscription within each criterion, remaining places will be allocated according the distance (see Notes 2 and 3).



In accordance with the co-ordinated admissions policy, on 1st March each year (or the next working day if the 1st March is not a working day) the Local Authority Admissions Team will make a formal offer of a place to parents or carers on behalf of the governing body of the Academy. Parents or carers should contact the Academy by telephone or letter within 10 working days to either accept or reject the offer of a place. This will in no way affect parents/carers right to appeal for a place at another school.



If your child is not offered a place at the Academy, you must appeal to the Local Authority via the Admissions Team.

The appeal will be heard by an Independent Appeals Panel. Parents will receive written notification of the date and time of their appeal hearing, which they can attend to explain their case. If they wish, parents may be accompanied by an adviser or friend. Following the Appeal, the Clerk to the Appeal Panel will write to the parents with the decision.



A Waiting List will be drawn up from unsuccessful applicants, giving priority in accordance with oversubscription criteria. Any places which become available will be filled from the Waiting List.

Criteria for updating and applying the Waiting List will be those as outlined by the Local Authority in their booklet “Starting Secondary School in Wakefield”.



Note 1 Brothers and sisters must be living at the same address as the child for whom a place has been requested. This includes children living with the family (foster children and stepchildren are included). However, it does not include cousins or families sharing a house.

Note 2
A straight line distance system is in operation and the distance is measured from the centre of the Academy to the home (determined by the Royal Mail Postcode Address File).

Note 3
For admission purposes, the home address is where the child usually lives with their parent or carer, the address of a relative or childminder must not be given. The address given should be the one at the time of application if you move after the deadline. For submissions of the preference form in October, the Admissions Team of LCC must be informed.



Where a family has moved into the area from abroad or another part of the country or city and school is an acceptable distance, the Academy will consider the application, if there are places available.

For in-year applications, please contact the Pastoral Team on 01977 698000 .



As part of the co-ordinated arrangements with the Local Authority, the Academy may accept pupils onto the School Roll from time to time in accordance with the In-Year Fair Access Agreement. There are special cases outside of the boundaries of the Academy’s Admission Policy.


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