The study of History is essential for understanding the world we live in today.  We have created a bespoke contextual History curriculum whereby students investigate current issues by comparing them with events from the past to ascertain the effects they have on the present.  Students learn the skills of the History detective such as analysis and evaluation which form the building blocks essential to creation of well-rounded individuals.  The aim of the course is to foster a live long love of History and an appreciation of the world in which we live today.


Key Stage 3:




Key Stage 4:


Students follow the AQA History specification.


Year 10:

British depth study: Norman England 1066-1100 (25%)

Germany 1890-1945: Democracy and Dictatorship (25%)


Year 11:

Conflict and Tension, the First World War 1894-1918 (25%)

The Health of the People (Medicine) 1000-present day (25%)



Support Your Child – useful links and advice

For general research and revision please access the following websites:

BBC Bitesize

Seneca Learning



The Featherstone Academy