Free School Meals During Closure

Provision of Free School Meals to eligible children during a prolonged closure


The Government has indicated that its support for families whose children are eligible for a free school meal, will continue throughout any periods of forced school closure(s).

It has identified two forms that this support may take:

  • Where a school’s current catering arrangements will support provision of meals during the closure, Headteachers should use this option.
  • Where a school’s current catering arrangements cannot be sustained during closure, the school should issue ‘food vouchers’*

* Vouchers would be designated for use in identified local food retailers and restricted in terms of what produce could be purchased i.e. age-related appropriate foods and drinks.


Free School Meals voucher scheme – updated Thursday 30 April 2020

The Government’s national voucher scheme is playing a significant role in ensuring that eligible pupils can still receive free school meals while they are staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak.  The scheme offers a valuable service where schools are unable to arrange meals or food parcels through their existing food suppliers.  The scheme is being administered by Edenred on behalf of the Department for Education.

Codes are issued weekly for each eligible child via email to an email address you have given to the academy.  If you do not appear to have received your email, please check your Junk/Spam folder.

Click here for full instructions on how to redeem your voucher.  You must convert your eCode to create an eGift card – you cannot just present the e-code at the supermarket.


Further help

  • Due to a change in your current circumstances you may now be eligible for Free School Meals, click here for the eligibility criteria and how to apply
  • If you are experiencing an eCode redemption error you may have entered the incorrect eCode.  Please try to enter your eCode again. If your code is still not accepted, please delete the browsing history on your device – as your device may be storing the incorrect code in its memory.  If you are still experiencing problems, please use [email protected] for further support:


Thank you for your continuing support.



The Featherstone Academy