Food Preparation & Nutrition

The study of Food Preparation and Nutrition is very important to us at The Featherstone Academy.  All students will follow a Year 7 and Year 8 programme with an option to continue to study in Year 9.  It is offered at GCSE  for our KS4 students.


Food Preparation and Nutrition is an exciting and creative subject which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure students develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food materials.  Our aim is to ensure all students are comfortable in the kitchen and can safely produce dishes that are nutritious and fun to eat.


Food preparation skills are integrated into five core topics:

  • Food, nutrition and health – what does our food do for us?
  • Food science – what actually happens when food in cooked?
  • Food safety – food poisoning, safe storage and personal safety.
  • Food choice – being an informed consumer and making healthy choices.
  • Food provenance – where does food come from? Are we running out?


Year 7

Safety First: personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene and equipment safety.

Nutrition and Health: students will learn about the Eatwell Guide, macro and micro nutrients and how to plan balanced dishes.


Year 8

Nutrition and Health: students will continue to study micro and macro nutrients and plan dishes suitable for a growing family.

Food Provenance: Students will investigate the food industry and how they ensure our food is safe to eat.


Year 9

Students follow a course that is planned so that they are able to move confidently into Key Stage 4 should they wish to choose this as one of their options.  The 12 practical skills that were introduced in Year 7 and further developed in Year 9.  There is a high practical focus in Year 9 and we ask for support with ingredients.


Term 1:  Key skills – planning, making and evaluation; pastry, cake and sauce dishes.

Term 2: British Cuisine.  Students will research British eating culture and how it has changed through history.  They will have the opportunity to select dishes that will allow them to develop their 12 skills further.

Term 3: Food Science.  Students will investigate the functions of ingredients in sauces (gelatinisation), bread (yeast fermentation), pastry (slowing down gluten formation)



The two year course offered is AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition.  The examination specification for this course can be accessed on the AQA website at

The course is split into two sections – 50% examination and 50% NEA (Non Examined Assessment).


NEA:  The tasks are set by the exam board and offer the students the chance to develop their investigation skills.  They will produce a portfolio of evidence which must be submitted to tight deadlines.  Photographic evidence must be produced of all the practical work – we take pride in ensuring the highest standards of practical work.  Cooking is presented to restaurant standards to ensure the best outcomes for the students.


NEA 1: Investigation Task.  This is 15% of their final grade.


NEA 2: Research Task.  This is 35% of the final grade and includes a 3 hour practical exam.


Your support with ingredients will be required, as practical work will take place most weeks.


Students will be required to complete work at home, and attend Period 7s as and when required.


Upon completion of this course, students will be qualified to go on to further study, or embark on an apprenticeship or full time career in the catering or food industries.


This is a brand new course so there may be some alterations made by the exam board within the upcoming months.



Various charity events through the year.  We support Fairtrade and use certified ingredients wherever possible.  We also have bake sales for the Alzheimer’s Society.


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