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Resilience is one of the core subjects delivered in year 7 and is fundamental to the Academies ideology.  Students are exposed to a range of content to develop their own learning style, which they will continue to use throughout their time at The Featherstone Academy. Students are encouraged to make mistakes as we see this as the bedrock of learning, this in turn will equip them with the tools they require to overcome barriers throughout life. As part of the curriculum there is a strong focus on developing a growth mind set, discussing the language of learning and giving them the confidence to use it outside of the classroom. Additionally, students will perform a range of activities from presentations to extended writing to juggling and chess all as part of their curriculum to develop resilience.

Aim of Resilience 

  • Encourage students to make mistakes
  • Give them the tools to overcome barriers and obstacles
  • Provide an understanding of how we learn
  • Push students to stretch and challenge themselves
  • Improve students understanding of a range of theories and ideas to support their development

We aim to drive forward the quality of resilience in our students; convey a body of knowledge about learning; develop personal learning attributes and provide opportunities to practise new skills, all of which can be applied throughout school.

The curriculum focuses on encouraging students to develop in the following seven areas of resilience:

  • Academic– The ability to apply and commit yourself to academic challenges.
  • Behavioural– The ability to behave in an appropriate manner when in different situations
  • Cognitive– The ability to apply yourself, adapt in certain situations and try new approaches to tasks.
  • Emotional– The ability to control your emotions, empathise with others and learn from your mistakes.
  • Cultural & Spiritual– The ability to show tolerance in all situations.
  • Physical– The ability to take control of your body and push yourself to your limits.
  • Endurance– The ability to keep on going even when things get tough.

We study a wide range of topics during the year, all focused on developing in these areas.

  1. The Big Question– This section enables students to get to know each other through a range of activities, discussing mistakes they have made in the past to team building.
  2. The Brain – As part of their curriculum students get the opportunity to learn about the different areas of the brain and how the connections are made within the brain. After this, students learn about the language of resilience with a key focus on growth mindset.
  3. In their shoes – Students get the opportunity to learn about empathy, placing themselves in the shoes of some very influential people, such as Anne Frank and Nelson Mandela.
  4. Exam Preparation – Within this topic students will have access to a range of revision techniques to support them in preparation for their mocks.
  5. Operation New Community– Students will work as part of a team to develop their own political party, which they will then present to their classmates at the end of the half term.
  6. French – In preparation for their resilience camp in France, students will study keywords and phrases that they will be using on camp.
  7. The Big Reflection – Students will reflect on their experiences and discuss how they have become more resilient over the course of year 7

Underpinning the whole course is the development of Resilience in a creative way and students will have a variety of opportunities to develop their skills.


Year 7 Resilience Camp (3 days)

All Year 7 students attend our resilience camp at a local scouting campsite.  Here they continue to develop their resilience by taking part in a variety of exciting activities that develop their skills.  In the past these have included canoeing, making fires, building shelters, making bread and many more team building challenges.


Year 7 French Resilience Camp (1 week)

As part of their progression into Year 8, students are offered the opportunity to attend a residential in the south of France. Students again camp but this time for 7 days. Whilst over there we look to stretch and challenge the students through a variety of activities from cycling to kayaking down the Ardeche.  Although these activities may seem demanding there is plenty of downtime where students get the opportunity to immerse themselves in French culture with trips to the local markets and of course the opportunity to buy ice creams.



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