Literacy at Featherstone

At The Featherstone Academy we are committed to developing literacy skills in all of our students, in the belief that it will support their learning. We recognise that language is central to students’ sense of identity, belonging and growth. Improving literacy and learning can have an impact on students’ self esteem, motivation and behaviour. It allows them to learn independently. It is empowering. Across the Academy we aim to promote and develop students’ skills in four areas; writing, reading, speaking and listening.


Focus of the week

Each week the Academy has Literacy Focus, for example the use of apostrophes. This will be taught to students during tutor time and also be reinforced during lessons and within marking.



All students are tested at the start of each academic year from which they receive a “reading age” and are placed into an appropriate group. Once a week every student meets with their reading coach who will listen to them read.


Accelerated reader

The accelerated reader program is used by all KS3 pupils during tutor time. Students take a test on entry and are given a reading range (also known as the ZPD- zone of proximal development) and a reading age. Pupils can select a book within their reading range and take a test once they have finished that book. Every student has their own unique log in code and password, and their progress is recorded on the system. Every student has a file which holds the TOPS reports from every quiz they have taken. Student’s progress is reviewed termly and used to identify those requiring additional intervention.


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