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Year 7

Year 7 students follow units of work, which teach and develop key drama skills, such as mime, frozen tableau, narration, cross-cutting, and improvisation. They are taught how to develop vocal projection, range and expression, as well as learning spatial awareness and physical expression. Projects throughout the year range from Characterisation and Skills Development, to Scripted Performance, Masked performance and mime.


Year 8

In year 8 students are given the option to choose Performing Arts to study at a more advanced age.

Year 8 projects focus on further developing the skills learnt in Year 7, and enhancing the students’ experience of theatrical techniques and genres. They explore physical theatre, as well as surrealism and more abstract styles. Projects will allow students to experience Scripted Performance as well as Devising, basing work on relevant and challenging themes and issues. During Year 8 they will also get a taster of some GCSE work at a lower level to give them the experience of what they could be involved if chosen at GCSE. For example, they will trial Unit 2: Preparation, production and performance. This is a great way for students to have their first stab at the GCSE Units taught in Year 10.


Year 9- BTEC Performing Arts (Pre-Option)

Students are given the chance to choose Performing Arts as a Pre-Option in Year 9 and will have 3 lessons a week. Throughout the BTEC Performing Arts Course students will be given the opportunity to explore a variety of units. These Units will cover scripted and devised performances both to their peers and through larger scale work, to parents. Students will be given opportunity to develop their acting skills, vocal expression, physicality and knowledge of work within the Performing Arts Sector. Each unit will start with a clear assignment brief setting out how students will achieve within the unit, this is the same format as they would receive the course at GCSE level.  There is also opportunity for students to take part in workshops run by visiting practitioners. Enrichment also plays a huge role during Year 9 and many trips to see professional work throughout the year are organised to help students knowledge and experience of live theatre develop in preparation for GCSE level in Year 10.


KS4- BTEC Performing Arts Level 2

Students will be enrolled on the BTEC course for 2 years and will come out with a grade equivalent to 2 GCSE’s. Students will study 8 units in total, 4 of which are compulsory units the others will be chosen based on the groups interests and abilities. All of the skills learnt through their time spent at Featherstone will all be tested through these final 2 years. Students will not only showcase their practical skills but also their production skills for example lighting and sound techniques, costume design and hair and make-up. This exciting, practical based course will put each student in good stead for a career in the performing arts industry.

Year 10:

Acting Skills:

This unit is about starting you on your journey to becoming a professional actor. You

will be introduced to important acting skills and will learn about the specific demands

that acting makes on the body and mind. In particular, you will undertake a

programme of regular exercises to help you master the techniques that will enable

you to control and use your voice and body to communicate a character or role. As

well as physical skills, you will need to use your imagination to create characters or

roles. This unit will, therefore, also help you to hone your mental skills. Acting Skills


Movement Skills

This unit looks at the mechanics of movement. In order to appreciate fully how and

why our bodies move, you will study the basic components of movement, with the

emphasis on exploration and discovery.

Realising Costume Design

In this unit, you will learn about the construction skills and materials you may

encounter while preparing costumes for a theatrical production. You may be given a

design brief for a costume and you will plan and fully realise this design. Alternatively

you may realise a design you have developed yourself in another unit.


Year 11:

The Performing Arts Industry

This unit will allow you to investigate a range of performing arts organisations to find

out about the work they do and how they relate to one another. You will also be given

the opportunity to find out about the people who work in these organisations, from

performers to people who work in technical, production and administrative roles.

Devising Performance Work

Have you ever wanted to create your own performance piece to communicate your

thoughts and ideas to an audience?

In this unit, you will develop your ideas for performance material and perform your

own work to an audience.

Preparation, Production and Performance:

In this unit you will learn how to develop a performance piece as a member of a

fictional performance company. You will take on a specific performing or production

role and will prepare for, and produce, a performance by carrying out tasks that are

appropriate to your role. No matter what role you undertake, you will also need to

explore the performance piece you are working on.

Individual Showcase

This unit covers what to include in a letter of application and how to prepare audition

pieces or presentations that demonstrate your relevant skills and knowledge.

You will choose one from a number of possible progression opportunities as the basis

for your work. Responding to the opportunity will provide you with a clear focus for

the unit.


Departmental Staff

Mrs Denver Ellis

Paula Stevenson



Students take part in the Christmas Showcase which runs every year. Students will take part in weekly rehearsals every week from September- December


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