Our Curriculum

We offer an innovative, exciting curriculum based on developing a student’s skills and understanding, building towards examination outcomes in Years 10 and 11



The statutory 25 hours per week has been timetabled for students as 30 lessons of 50 minutes.  Due to the finish time of 2.30pm, each day is expanded with extra-curricular clubs or by using our compulsory Period 7 initiative.  The Period 7 initiative works with small groups of students, particularly in Key Stage 4, across the curriculum focusing on areas identified after the assessment periods, which require additional targeted support to ensure success.


In Year 7 we have our “Rise and Read” strategy to improve literacy and develop the love of reading.  For one morning each week, students in Year 7 start earlier and have reading sessions with a member of staff.  Several lessons each week are set aside to develop resilience.  Students are taught how to learn from mistakes and find solutions rather than give up, something that we believe is necessary to be successful in life.


Students are expected to make options choices in Year 7 and Year 8 across a range of practical and art based subjects to allow them to specialise in an area of interest.


In Year 8 students undertake an Applied Resilience curriculum, where students spend an afternoon studying a variety of topics such as cooking, woodwork, team sports and horticulture.


In Year 9 they will choose from the same subjects but this will be taught as a GCSE taster option.  In Year 9 it is also compulsory to select an Ebacc option from History, Geography or French.  Students may then go on to complete a GCSE in these subjects in Year 10.


At The Featherstone Academy we expect our new recruits to attend a fully funded resilience camp during Year 7.  This involves a three day residential trip to a local scout camp.  Here, they will experience team building activities, survival skills and watersports.  As well as giving them the opportunity to meet staff and other students, it introduces one of the Academy’s core values, resilience.


The Featherstone Academy