Blended Learning



If you are having issues accessing Microsoft Teams, or have forgot your password, username or email – contact [email protected]  

If your child is having issues accessing a subject specific website e.g. Educake, Mathswatch, Seneca – contact the subject teacher. 


How to access Microsoft Teams


Using a web browser

You can use this link:   Sign in using your school email address and password.

If your child is needs to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc. they can use the above link to access these.

Start Teams by clicking on the icon.  Teams can be used in a few ways as a communication tool.  Every Team that you have access to has a message board.  This is the first page you will see on each Team but can also be accessed  from the Posts tab at the top of the Team.  This message board is only visible to people in the Team and all messages are visible to all Team members.  At the bottom of the page there will be a message bar.  This can be used to start a conversation with your teacher if they have enabled this feature.  Teachers can load content for you to access and complete within Teams.

Alternatively, you can download the Teams app to your phone or tablet – search in your app store for ‘Microsoft Teams’.


Using an Xbox or Playstation

Open the web browser and type  Sign in using your school email address and password.

Click the below video for a full user guide.  Connecting a USB keyboard to your games console will help to navigate more easily – if you don’t have a keyboard and this is a limiting factor, please contact the academy: [email protected]


Click here for a step by step guide to help you log onto Teams, join ‘teacher-led lessons’ and complete assignments


Our Expectations for Remote Learning


  • Students are to attend a form session from 8.30am – 8.40am every day.  This is in place for two reasons:

a) To allow the form tutor time with their form class to help prepare them for the day and have them ready for lessons.

b) to give students time to see their friends and help with wellbeing. This is in line with government expectations that schools maintain daily contact with all students.


  • Students to attend their timetable lessons where remote learning will take place


  • Students are to undertake 5 hours of learning a day

Please note that this is not 5 hours of the teacher talking.  This time is a combination of teacher talk and with your child completing independent study (researching, completing worksheets, answering questions set by the teacher), with access to their teachers for support if they need it.


  • The last 5-10 minutes of each lesson are there to allow students to hand in their work through the assignments function on Microsoft Teams and to have time away from their computer/ stand up and refresh themselves to be ready for the next lesson.


  • We do not expect students to be working beyond their timetabled lessons unless work has been set specifically as ‘homework’.


  • Inappropriate behaviour from a student will result the student(s) being removed from the lesson and a phone call home informing parents/ carers of the incident

Disclosure: The academy’s IT team are constantly monitoring all communications between staff and students.


Remote Learning Handbook – a guide to expectations about working from home

Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents


Unsure on how to use Teams, or need to use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint?


Please click on the videos below for quick tutorials on how to:

View all assignments

Hand in an assignment

Join a ‘live’ lesson

Use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for free


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