Student Council

The Featherstone Academy Student Council is lead by the Head Boy, Head Girl and the Student Leadership Team comprised of Year 11 students.


We have two specific foci for the Student Leadership Team: student well-being and links to the community.

Each form in Years 7 to 10 has a representative and they form the rest of the student council.

Individually, each member of the student council has the responsibility of representing the views of their form in Council meetings.  The student council as an entity takes responsibility for parts of their school experience and learning, by taking ownership over projects where they can see the impact on themselves and others.

Each member of our student council aspires to improve the school experience for themselves and for others.  Our students recognise the difficulties many have faced over the last year and are driven to support others.  They also recognise the importance of school to the local community and are focused on developing links that will mutually benefit the school, students, parents, and members of the local community.

Upcoming initiatives involve:

  • Providing students with a safe place to discuss issues and difficulties they may be facing
  • Organising and leading extra-curricular clubs
  • Developing the school’s use of social media to communicate with parents and the community
  • Developing the rewards system in school
  • Fundraising
  • Organising events in the community

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