Student Council

The Featherstone Academy Student Council is made up of Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies in Year 11 and a representative of each form in Years 7-10

Individually, each member of the student council has the responsibility of representing the views of their form in Council meetings.  The student council as an entity takes responsibility for parts of their school experience and learning, by taking ownership over projects where they can see the impact on themselves and others. 

Each member of our student council aspires to improve the school experience for themselves and for others.  They actively participate in discussion and the coordination of important initiatives in school. 

Ultimately, our student council encourages other to take pride in themselves and what they are capable of achieving, knowing the difference that they can make.  The work that they do develops their own confidence and self-belief, which they take into their studies, and into their lives beyond school, and inspires other students to be the best they can be.

Current Projects

The recent lockdown has impacted the student council and what they have been able to achieve. However, despite spending long amounts of time in live lessons, the council has been attending additional meetings to discuss how they can support their fellow students in these challenging times.

Upcoming initiatives involve:

  • Arranging opportunities for students to meet in a social capacity using Teams meetings.  Council members want the opportunity to be able to talk to members of their form, offer support with completing assignments, and most importantly support them mentally and emotionally.
  • Creating opportunities to stay positive by celebrate staff and individuals who are working hard to provide online teaching resources.
  • Using social media to maintain connections between school and home.
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