Our History

Throughout the years, The Featherstone Academy has undergone some radical changes.


Officially opened in 1976, under the title ‘Featherstone High School’, the school was composed of two buildings.  These two buildings were known as the lower and the upper school.  Each school had their own dedicated set of subjects.  The upper school taught Maths, Science, English, Art and Design and Technology while in the lower school students learned about RE, IT, Geography and History.  It also housed the gym and a student garden in the centre of the quad.  The garden gave students an opportunity to grow their own fresh and organic vegetables which were later used in the school kitchens for meals.


Featherstone High School Official Opening Commemorative Plaque currently on display outside the History department


The structure of the school has also hugely changed since then.  The current science corridor lacked doors and walls, and classes were taught on each side of the open-plan room.  In addition, the school offered the students a chance to develop their life skills in a place called ‘The Flat’.  In The Flat, students could learn about cleaning, washing up, doing the laundry and ironing clothes.  The school also featured a corridor dedicated to hair and beauty in which the classrooms resembled hair salons and contained all of the equipment required for hairdressing.


Sir Harold Wilson chatting with students at the official opening in 1976


Later, in 2005 the school became a specialist technology college and was renamed ‘Featherstone Technology College’.  This was due to the passion of the former Head of School, Mr Paul Johansen.  He entered the school into numerous technology competitions and supported technology in the curriculum allowing students to be successful in many of these competitions and in further education.

In 2012, the school converted to academy status and was renamed ‘The Purston E-Act Academy’.  However the school fell into special measures soon after, leading to a hasty change of sponsorship once again.  The result of this saw the academy join the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust in 2014 and experienced its most recent name change, now known as ‘The Featherstone Academy’.

The Featherstone Academy today


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The Featherstone Academy