Ethos and Values



On behalf of Staff , Students and The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust , I welcome you to The Featherstone Academy’s website.

As part of The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust we are committed to providing private school opportunities in a modern comprehensive environment. Working alongside one of the country’s leading academies we are at the forefront of school improvement.

The Featherstone Academy is committed to the traditional values of discipline, good behaviour and respect. We believe these to be sacrosanct. These values have created a learning environment in which all students can succeed. This environment is supported by an imaginative and differentiated curriculum in all year groups.

The staff of The Featherstone Academy are committed to ensuring the students who attend the academy are able to achieve their goals, through hard work, recognition of their individual success and a relentless drive to ensure student achievement.

The 2016 Year 11 Leavers achieved the best results The Featherstone Academy has ever seen. The new government headline figure which measures how many students achieved the benchmark of a C Grade or above in both Maths and English was 71% – a figure we are extremely proud of.  In addition, the percentage of students achieving a minimum of 5 A*-C grades in English and Maths was 66% a massive increase of 19% from 2015.  This figure is nearly double that of the results from 2014, meaning that in two years the academy has improved the outcomes for our pupils by 30%. This puts The Featherstone Academy as the most improved school locally and indeed, Wakefield for the last two years.

The curriculum instils resilience in our students the moment they enter the school and is continuous through their time with us. Encompassed within this innovative curriculum is our belief in a growth mindset. The belief that intelligence is far from fixed or inherited but an area we can all improve if we work hard and learn from our mistakes.

We encourage our students to experiment and take risks in their learning to establish an environment where intelligent failure is just the start on the road to success.

The Featherstone Academy is a lively, community academy which thrives on the positive relationships with parents and carers that support us and their child’s learning. We are a small school with an inclusive culture and warm ethos which is recognised by all who visit. If you would like to visit the Academy or learn more about us feel free to get in touch. We look forward to meeting you.


Mrs Jo Wray
Head of School
The Featherstone Academy.

The Featherstone Academy