Our Vision & Core Values

A relentless expectation that our students can achieve success in our Academy


Our Vision


At the centre of The Featherstone Academy is a focus on delivering high academic standards to allow students to attain outstanding outcomes.  These will allow students to progress to the next stage of their lives successfully.  These outcomes do not just happen.  Our staff have been encouraged to provide a learning environment which will stimulate and inspire, in order to develop the students quest for knowledge.


The curriculum instils resilience in our students the moment they enter the school and is continuous through their time with us.  Encompassed within this innovative curriculum is our belief in a Growth Mindset.  The belief that intelligence is far from fixed or inherited but an area we can all improve if we work hard and learn from our mistakes.


We encourage our students to experiment and take risks in their learning to establish an environment where intelligent failure is just the start on the road to success.


We have a duty to prepare our students for the extensive examinations that they now face in the current education system.  At Featherstone this starts in Year 7 with a structured assessment and examination calendar, which includes mocks examinations.  We will equip them with the skills and exam techniques required to be successful in examination situations.  We aim for this to become normal practice and therefore less stressful at an important time in their lives in Years 10 and 11.


We appreciate that for a student to be successful in their learning, the school and parents need to work in collaboration.  To facilitate this, at strategic points of the year, parents are invited into the Academy to discuss their child’s progress or to hear about strategies to support them with their forthcoming examinations.  Of course our staff are always willing to answer any questions you may have in relation to your son/daughter.


We articulate this in the Academy through our mantra.


Our Core Values


At the heart of our journey for our students are our three core values:


Our aim is to create a culture where pupils take Responsibility for their actions, have high Aspirations and take Pride in all that they do.  We aim to promote a real passion for learning and improve the life chances of the pupils we teach.




The Featherstone Academy